JFS Secures Relief for Refugees Left Behind by Refugee Ban

We are thrilled to share the wonderful news that JFS has reached a very favorable and historic settlement in our lawsuit challenging the refugee ban issued in October 2017. The ban imposed restrictions on refugees, including suspending the admission of refugees to the United States from 11 countries, as well as family members of refugees who had already settled in the United States.

Under the terms of the settlement, over 300 refugees affected by the ban, including anyone who had reached the final stages of processing but had not yet been admitted to the United States, will have the review of their applications expedited and, hopefully soon, be reunited with their parents and children. You can read the press release here.

Because of our Jewish history, we know the consequences of turning our backs on those who are fleeing violence and persecution. We are so proud that JFS stayed true to its Jewish values and took a stand to protect innocent lives.

We want to thank the JFS Board for their steadfast support throughout the lawsuit. We especially want to thank Board Member Avi Lipman, who provided invaluable leadership and guidance to JFS throughout the process, as well as David Burman, Lauren Watts Staniar, Cristina Sepe and Tyler Roberts of Perkins Coie. Their tireless pro-bono efforts are why we are able to celebrate this victory today. It is selfless acts such as these that are the foundations of our country and why the light of liberty burns bright for so many.

While we celebrate this victory, we are mindful of the millions of refugees and displaced people who wake each day to face danger and uncertainty. JFS remains steadfast in its commitment to these vulnerable people and to resettling refugees, regardless of nationality, religion, and ethnic background. We look forward to the day when our country can reliably represent hope for refugees and the Statue of Liberty’s flame is not diminished.

As the tradition says, one who saves a single life saves an entire world in time.

Marty Nelson
Board President

Will Berkovitz
Chief Executive Officer

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