Pittsburgh Shooting Won’t Change Our Resolve to Help

The shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27, 2018, was a hate crime. We mourn this tragedy, and once again, we find ourselves grieving an unnecessary loss of life — people being killed for who they are. Sadly, as we know based on the killer’s social media posts, this horrid act was directly tied to the synagogue’s support of refugees. This was an act of anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant violence.

As part of the greater Jewish community, we at JFS will always stand with those in our extended Jewish family and those who are marginalized in our country. We will not be bystanders. We will never be deterred from our mission. Jewish Family Service has always, and will always, be guided by our history and our values. We will always be a place of refuge and welcome for those who are viewed as other. We will always use our position in the community to give voice to the silenced, isolated and forgotten. Being a “light unto the nations,” means acting and speaking with moral clarity — to stand with those who are threatened, marginalized and vulnerable in our community.

If you are struggling in this moment and need support, we are here. Please contact us at counseling@jfsseattle.org or (206) 461-3240.

This message from JFS President Marty Nelson and CEO Will Berkovitz was sent to the community following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

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