Breakfast After the Bell

Did you know that Washington State ranks 45th in the nation for serving breakfast to low income students? Breakfast After the Bell is a modest way to change this sorry fact. That’s why JFS volunteers wrote 124 letters to state legislators asking them to support HB1295 (companion bill to SB5437).

Check out our slide show to see how our community’s children and youth are speaking up in support of Breakfast After the Bell. Elementary, middle and high school students learned about the issues with Polack Food Bank Manager Esther Magasis at this week’s Families Fight Hunger. The event included food packaging and other activities to support JFS clients.

You can take action TODAY that will help! Contact the Senate Ways & Means Committee and urge the members to support HB1295 so we can get the most vulnerable kids Breakfast After the Bell and improve their chances to thrive at school.

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Want to get your family involved in hands-on service, learning and action? Learn more about upcoming events.

Frockt.VBy Deb Frockt
Deb Frockt is Director of Marketing & Communications. She enjoys baking, beaching and learning about golf, both kinds of football, fashion and pop music from her husband and sons.


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