Care Kits for People Who Are Homeless

Throughout our region, one can’t help but notice the scale of need on city streets, at exit ramps, in make-shift shelters and along highway underpasses. Each and every day, thousands of vulnerable people are struggling without permanent safe shelter.

People experience homelessness for varied reasons. It may be the result of untreated mental illness or addiction. Some may experience homelessness because of domestic violence. Others may find events outside their control — an unexpected health crisis, loss of job or sudden increase in rent — upend the precarious stability they had previously been able to maintain.

Physical and mental health is often compromised, and the issues people face can leave them isolated and lacking the social connections that are integral to well-being. Without the usual means for self-care, their dignity can be eroded.

At this year’s Community of Caring Luncheon on Friday, May 6, our centerpieces will be care kits for people who are experiencing homelessness. Guests will be able to take a kit after the event and give it to a person in need. Here’s a preview of the contents of the care kits.

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Giving out care kits is one small way we can turn our values into action. If you’d like to make your own care kits for people who are homeless, this is a great resource to read before getting started.

IMG_8896-2By Leslie Sugiura
Savvy cook, extreme clam digger, urban gardener and mom to Stella the dog are just a few of the titles Leslie Sugiura keeps in rotation. She’s also the Director of Special Events for JFS where she spearheads the annual Community of Caring Luncheon.


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