Lighting up Someone’s Life

IMG_3093We asked some of our generous donors a few questions about their support of the Chanukah Tzedakah Program. Here’s what they had to say…


Why do you choose to donate to the JFS Chanukah Tzedakah Program? 

“It’s a simple thing to do that I hope can make a bit of a difference in someone’s life around Chanukah.”

“We choose to donate to the Chanukah Tzedakah Program  because we want to enhance the lives of community members who struggle meeting everyday needs.  We want them to know that people care about them and hope to help them enjoy a brighter holiday.”

“My family has participated in the program for many years now. The “wish lists” of the participants always remind me how much I have and take for granted.  They remind me that life’s good fortune is unevenly distributed and not to take what I have for granted. Simple things requested: a gift certificate to a pet store (for a pet guinea pig), a pair of rain boots, a warm jacket for a five year old.  How wonderful that I, who have been so fortunate, can help make Chanukah a more joyous time for people in my community who are simply not as fortunate as me.”

How does it make you feel to donate to the JFS Chanukah Tzedakah Program?

“To me, it feels like the right thing to do.”

“It makes me feel generous to give to people and when choosing gift items, I think about what they like and what I like and see if we like the same things.”

“Blessed, fortunate, happy.”

Feature photo by Lisi Wolf.

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