lemonaidWe hope this post will bring a little sunshine to these dark and rainy days!

On Seafair Sunday, brothers Max and Charlie Alhadeff along with their cousin Sophia Alhadeff sold lemonade and cookies in their neighborhood with proceeds benefiting the Polack Food Bank. The Almo Family, including kids Emma, Isaac and Zoe, also participated in the neighborhood fundraiser. A week later, the children brought their money to JFS and toured the Food Bank. They left with new goals and ideas of how they could help in the future. The families hope to make this a city-wide event next summer.

How did passersby interact with your kids and the LemonAid stand?
Emily (mom to Max and Charlie): Some people were very excited and some just smiled and walked past.  We talked about how homeless people must feel when people walk by without acknowledging them. Not everyone was interested in helping and that’s okay; but for the people who did support and interact with the kids, hopefully they know how appreciative we were.

What made you decide to host the LemonAid stand?
Max and Charlie: We had done one in the past and got a lot of money for ourselves, so this year we thought we could do it again, but give the money to JFS.

Why did you choose to donate to the Polack Food Bank?
Max and Charlie: We want to help people who don’t have food and little money.

Why is it important to give back?
Max and Charlie: We have everything we need so we want to help make it so other people have those things as well.

How does giving back make you feel?
Max and Charlie: Very good!!

IMG_8896-2By Leslie Sugiura
Savvy cook, extreme clam digger, urban gardener and mom to Stella the dog are just a few of the titles Leslie Sugiura keeps in rotation. She’s also the Director of Special Events for JFS where she spearheads the annual Community of Caring Luncheon.

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