Navigating the December Dilemma

Christmaskah-web-SeanHobsonMy guess is whether or not you and your partner are the same religion, the holidays present certain challenges. Your family had their way of doing things, your significant other’s had theirs. And this only becomes more complex when there are different religions thrown into the mix. To help navigate this potentially sensitive season, we’ve gathered a list of articles about balancing holiday traditions.

Holiday Traditions Have a Lasting Impact
Family Life Director Marjorie Schnyder offers suggestions on how to handle the holidays.

On Being Both
One mom discusses how her two-religion household celebrates both Chanukah and Christmas.

How I Learned to Let Go of My Christmas Guilt
A Jewish mom explains how she’s come to balance her Christmas wonder with her dedication to Judaism.

How a Small Town Does Interfaith
Emily Caruso Parnell on creating a welcoming Jewish community.

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment telling us about your favorite family traditions and how you and your partner have combined holiday celebrations.

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