Why I Support JFS

JuliaSchechter-croppedOne day not too long ago, I left home early in the morning with my coffee and a banana but forgot my wallet. It was not easy to return, so except for an old cereal bar that happened to be in my car, I didn’t eat until early that evening.

I got really hungry. I passed a vending machine but had no change. Passed markets and restaurants but couldn’t buy anything. Didn’t want to ask the people I was with to borrow money because I did not know them well. I was even with someone who was eating but didn’t want to impose by asking to share.

I started thinking about how off-limits and unattainable food is for people who have absolutely no money. Pretty fast you’re picking through garbage cans, stealing or begging.  You’re surrounded by food, but it’s out of reach. Even if you get food from a food bank, you have to have some place to prepare it – so you better not be homeless.

My hunger ended when I got home and fed myself. As I ate, I couldn’t help thinking about all the people I passed driving through town who looked like they’re chronically hungry. I couldn’t help thinking about the stats on children who live with hunger every day, even as they are growing and trying to learn.

Our support of JFS and services like the Polack Food Bank makes a difference in people’s lives. There are so many who need our help – we can’t do enough.

By Julia Schechter
Julia is a longtime JFS volunteer, first with the Friendly Visitor program, then organizing Food Bank work parties and now serving on the Board of Directors.

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