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Shavuot Is A Time For Next Steps

In the Warsaw Ghetto in 1941, the Piazetzno Rebbe spoke consolingly to his community. In loving response to understandable despair, he reminded them that when the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, the situation seemed so hopeless that: “It is clear, amidst all this suffering, that if only everyone knew that they would be rescued… Continue Reading

Purim Places Love, Joy in a World With Hatred, Sadness

Purim celebrates the physical survival of the Jewish people. The storyline is simple: The evil minister, Haman, convinces a clueless and party-loving King Ahashverus to annihilate the Jewish people. Through the bravery of Queen Esther, Haman is thwarted and hung. The Jews not only are spared, but Haman is replaced by Mordecai as the King’s… Continue Reading

Thank You for Making the 2017 Food Drive a Success!

Thanks to our generous community, more than 300 volunteers and staff sorted, boxed and organized about 25,000 pounds — more than 1,650 grocery bags — of food and toiletries during the 2017 Community-Wide Food Sort on October 1! Your donations will help feed and support around 1,300 households who turn to the JFS Polack Food Bank each month. Because of you,… Continue Reading

Awareness Into Action

The convergence in September of the High Holidays and Hunger Action Month is one reason JFS holds its  Community-Wide Food Drive in the fall. The response to the annual Food Drive is wonderful, and the donations help us address food insecurity in our community. But many people don’t realize the tons of food collected each… Continue Reading

Ignoring a Person in Need

Exiting our upscale neighborhood grocery store, I notice a spirited group of young women selling Girl Scout cookies by the front door. They are surrounded by people and engaging in conversation. Directly across the street, a homeless man stands alone, his head down, holding a sign: “Please help. My wife and I are VERY hungry.”… Continue Reading

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